Exim Internet Mailer


Website Credits

  • Nigel Metheringham

    Built/maintains the website.

  • Mike Cardwell

    Redesigned and built the current layout/style of the website, in 2010.

  • Jennifer Greenley, of Sharpblue

    Designed the new Exim logo, in 2002.

Software Credits

  • Philip Hazel

    Originally wrote, documented and supported Exim for many years prior to his retirement.

  • Exim Development Team

    Currently continue with Exim development and support. The team includes (although this is not an exhaustive list):-

    • Alan Williams
    • David Woodhouse
    • Graeme Fowler
    • Heiko Schlittermann
    • Jeremy Harris
    • John Jetmore
    • Marc Haber
    • Mike Cardwell
    • Nigel Metheringham
    • Peter Bowyer
    • Phil Pennock
    • Tom Kistner
    • Tony Finch
    • Tony Sheen